International conference CHEMICAL SAFETY: PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS will be held in the Crimea, in Sevastopol, well-known by its history and traditions. Architecture, historical monuments, wonderful nature here is harmoniously combined, creating picturesque ensemble of city. Accommodation of conference participants will be in the Central military tourist complex «Sevastopol» in comfortable numbers.

Sevastopol is connected with many cities by direct railway and bus service. It is also possible to arrive by a train or by air to Simferopol, and from there – by an electric train, bus or rout taxi pass to Sevastopol.

Location: A tourist complex is in city boundaries on the North side of the Sevastopol bight; in a microregion "Radiomountain" to address of street of Simonok, 68.


On a tourist center is: parking place which is guarded, cafe, billiards, concert hall on 325 persons, sporting grounds, disco, massage cabinets, point of exchange of currency, library, sauna,  beach: own, from the side of high sea. An area of base is more than eight hectares. There are more than 300 types of plants on territory. Weather terms are favorable for rest from the beginning of April to December

            To Sevastopol it is possible to reach by train or motor transport. Nearest air-port in Simferopol. From the airport of  Simferopol to Sevastopol it is possible to reach rout taxis, by a bus or  to reach to the railway station and arrive to Sevastopol by an electric train.

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To get to the tourist center from the railway station of м. Sevastopol of the station it is possible two variants:

1th variant

By a urban transport to the stop of "Lazarev, squ.", from which to get down downward (150 м) to moorage of Artbukhta, where each 20-30 minutes a cutter departs to moorage "Radiomountain", where you go out in 500 meters from a tourist center "Sevastopol".

2th variant

By a public transport to the stop of ". Nakhimov, squ ", from which to get (200 м) down to moorage the "Count pier", where each 15-20 minutes a cutter departs to. “Zakharov, squ”. on the North side. from the  Zakharova  square each 20 minutes a rout taxi 46 leaves  with stopping for a tourist center "Sevastopol".

Organizational committee of conference ask the participants to preliminary inform about a transport, which you plan to arrive by to Sevastopol and arrival time for meeting and placing on a tourist center.